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Prepare Your Stimulating Cup Of Kratom Tea

Cup Of Kratom Tea

Kratom is an amazingly versatile plant and contains numerous benefits in a wide variety of strains and vein colors. People have blended it with green or black tea to mask its taste and make it more appealing to consume. Similar to coffee, the Kratom tree belongs to the Rubiaceae family, and beverages containing Kratom can have the same stimulating effects as coffee.

What Is Kratom Tea?

Mitragyna Speciosa tea is a therapeutic tea made using Kratom extracts or leaves. People in Southeast Asia have been known to use Kratom tea for many generations to energize their bodies, heal illnesses and chronic pain. You can prepare Kratom tea when you want to ease your nerves and experience relaxation.

Before preparing your tea, you should decide how much Kratom you want in your beverage. Based on your sensitivity, you may like to begin with a couple of grams or one teaspoon of Kratom. If you are more familiar with the tossing and washing method (simply dumping the dry powder back and rinsing it off with some liquid), a lesser amount can be adequate. You extract the compounds into liquid leaves to receive a faster onset and a likely more robust flavor.

While many people may prefer the “toss and wash” Kratom consumption method, preparing it into a tea becomes a more pleasant experience for its users. The taste can be bitter, but it can be similar to a highly potent flavor of green tea if well prepared.

Here we present a step-by-step guide to preparing a refreshing cup of Kratom Tea.

Method To Prepare Kratom Tea

Pour one and a half cups of water into a saucepan.

Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice or squeeze half of a lemon into the saucepan. Adding lemon to the tea satisfies your taste buds with an acidic flavor and preserves the alkaloids, an essential ingredient of Kratom.

Allow the water to simmer, but avoid boiling the water as the boiling temperature can cause harm to the alkaloids, thereby undermining its associated health advantages.

Add proper dosage of Kratom powder. For starters, 2 grams of Kratom powder can be sufficient. If there is no scale available, you can use one level teaspoon, which contains approximately 2 grams. But it is recommended to purchase a digital scale if you intend to consume Kratom tea often.

Finally, pour the tea into the cup by holding the filter, and now your perfect cup of Kratom tea is ready to enjoy as a refreshing treat.

Add ThoughtCloud Full Spectrum CBD oil to the tea after it has cooled a bit for extra benefits. CBD oil has been found to offer myriads of health benefits, from relieving pain and anxiety to muscle recovery, promoting heart and gut health, and many more.

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Preparing Kratom Iced Tea

You can also make a refreshing Kratom iced tea. Sweet Kratom iced tea can mask the bitter flavor of Kratom powder to offer you a refreshing beverage to be sipped on a sunny day.


1 cup prepared Kratom tea
Isolate CBD oil in Cold Pressed Hemp Oil from ThoughtCloud
2 large ginger slices
2 teaspoons honey
Half cup orange juice
Half cup pineapple juice

Method Of Preparation

Add the ginger slices to the hot Kratom tea and allow it to steep for five minutes. Strain the tea into a jug and stir in the honey until dissolved.

Add pineapple juice, orange, and Isolate CBD oil in Cold Pressed Hemp Oil to the tea mixture. Let it cool. Add ice to a glass and pour over cooled tea. Enjoy this refreshing beverage by serving with a slice of a lemon garnish.

Finding The Perfect Dose

Kratom tea can be an excellent way to get acquainted with the benefits of this plant. However, it is essential to apply the proper Kratom dose to enjoy its positive effects on your body. The best serving for Kratom is 2.4g. Do not go beyond two servings within 24 hours. Begin gradually if you are a starter, and document how Kratom is enhancing your overall wellness.

Kratom Tea: Benefits And Effects

Kratom tea is known to be a herbal tea. Though it belongs to the coffee plant family, Kratom does not contain any proportion of caffeine like coffee and conventional tea. However, it has an abundance of alkaloids that can be beneficial to drinkers. People brew kratom tea for multiple reasons, one of them being Kratom leaves contain two rare compounds: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.


Kratom can be energized when taken in lower serving proportions, while in higher serving proportions, Kratom promotes relaxation and assists the body in pain response.


One of the benefits of using Kratom is its assistance in alleviating pain. Because of this, people who take opioids to mitigate pain find Kratom an effective and soothing alternative. They use it for detoxification and the removal of opioids from their system. Kratom works as a powerful sedative when consumed in higher doses and acts as a stimulant when consumed in smaller quantities. In this way, it can help raise the focus, energy, and better sexual performance of its users. People who suffer from painful chronic conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus can benefit more positively from drinking Kratom powder tea.

Moreover, this herbal tea also helps you combat insomnia and improves your sleep cycle and biological clock. In addition, Kratom is an antidepressant and alleviates your mood. Many people choose Kratom tea due to its soothing and euphoric effects. After all, who does not want to relax at the end of a strenuous day?

At ThoughtCloud, our Kratom plants are selectively grown for freshness and lab-tested to ensure purity and the highest quality. Our diverse range of Kratom products includes Kratom Recovery Shot packed with ingredients that promote a swift recovery from pain and anxiety, Daytime Focus Capsules, and Nighttime Rest Capsules. You can also order Kratom Immune Capsules to help keep your body energetic and healthy with a unique mix of Green Maeng Da Kratom and CBD. These immune capsules are stacked with Ashwagandha root and Maca root, which offer vitality and stamina to the body and boosts energy levels.

The Wrap Up

Intaking Kratom tea is a much more pleasurable way to consume this potent healing plant extract and can be pretty delicious if brewed correctly. Many people find tea more easy and natural to prepare. The presence of alkaloids is what gives Kratom its excellent therapeutic properties. Brewing Kratom tea helps to release the active compounds within Kratom that raises its biocompatibility and easy assimilation by your body. You can enjoy our easy-to-make and straightforward Kratom tea recipes both by first-time Kratom users as well as by seasoned Kratom consumers. Share your experience with Kratom tea, and encourage others to try this fantastic drink!

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